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Why Us ?

Lazergöz Medical Center

The service is always patient-oriented for our specialist physicians and administrative staff, who consider patient satisfaction to be the foundation in all circumstances.
Our knowledgeable staff, by applying their knowledge in the most precise and effective way possible, creates the most ideal solutions that combine traditional and innovative approaches to eye health...

Our Mission

To provide high-quality health care that prioritises patient and employee satisfaction while remaining cost-effective.

Our vision

To be a vision centre with a management and operating system that allows for continuous growth and renewal.


Ozone therapy is a safe, effective and scientifically validated application. Ozone is the state of oxygen transformed into high-energy 3-atom molecules and is a molecule with low stability. Ozone is considered super oxygen. It is a colourless, strange gas. It turns into oxygen in 20-30 minutes at room temperature.
Ozone therapy can be defined as the introduction of ozone gas into the body by various methods to assist in the treatment or treatment of diseases. Ozone is obtained from medical oxygen using special generators for medical use. Medical ozone is always used as a mixture of pure ozone and pure oxygen. Depending on the application, the ozone concentration is 1 and 100 ugr / ml. ((between 0.05-5 %.) The physician trained in ozone therapy adjusts the dosage according to the patient's condition and medical indication.
The effects of ozone are not only proven, but also its effectiveness is consistent and safe. Ozone therapy has been proven to be effective in many acute and chronic diseases. 

Our Doctors

Lazergöz Medical Center
Our Doctors

Op. Dr. Hasan KIRTEKE

Eye Diseases Specialist

Op. Dr. Gökhan AYDOĞAN

Eye Diseases Specialist

Lazergöz Medical Center
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